Certified and Qualified agents bring intelligence, market knowledge and mastery of the residential and commercial process to each deal. We are a dedicated team of truly passionate, property professionals who understand our clients’ needs and wants. ELITE REAL ESTATE portfolio offers a vast choice of high quality rental and sale listings in Cyprus and over 2,000 exclusive listings. Our one-on-one home solutions consultations provide tailored deals that best suit an individual's needs. We have a database of over 10,000 customers that we stay in contact with. At ELITE REAL ESTATE you can rest easy knowing you’re enjoying competitive rates whether buying or selling, our negotiating skills and assertive manner will keep you satisfied.


INTEGRITY — Our agents will always provide you with honest, carefully considered advice. We will ensure you are in the best possible position to make clear decisions. Your success is our principal driver.

PROFESSIONALISM — Real estate is our passion and it demands our focus. We strive to provide a high level of personalised service, whether you are a vendor or a potential purchaser.

EXPERTISE — Service and integrity supported by commercial expertise is where Elite Real Estate stands apart. A depth of local knowledge and eye for opportunities, we are your property partner.